The 2015 Fantasy Baseball Guide Is Here!

It is my great pleasure (and relief) to announce my 2015 fantasy baseball guide is available for you to download for free!

Odds are you’re going to not read this section, but I wanted to explain what you will get when you download. The majority of the guide is focused on player evaluation (344 players to be exact). The goal was I wanted to evaluate every player that will most likely be drafted in a 15-team mixed redraft league.

I evaluated each player through the lens of a detective. I want to know how his statistics were accumulated. Did he deviate from his statistical mean? For example, if a pitcher struck out more batters than ever before then how did he do it? If a hitter hit more home runs than ever before then how did he do it? The idea behind my approach to player evaluation is to think for myself and remove myself from ill-conceived narratives.

My goal is after someone reads my evaluation on a player the reader should know how I came to my 2015 projection.

My projections are based on what’s most likely to happen in a season. Another way to put it is if the 2015 season was played 100 times what would be the average of all those seasons. If you have any questions you can reach me on Twitter @MattCommins. Enjoy!

2015 Fantasy Baseball Guide

Hitter and Pitcher Projections & Rankings

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